Well Rounded On & Off the Course

If you want to be good then it’s all about the time you put in before the season, in addition to all your coaches ask of you.”

Hurricane High Class of 2016 Golf & Baseball 4.0GPA

With his clubs packed in his bag and the car loaded, an eager Thomas Christiansen sets off to the golf course right after school gets out. “Coaches give us our assignment and what we need to work on to improve our game,” says Thomas. This young golfer ensures he puts in the time and gets the most out of practice. “Our coaches let us know we can leave an hour after practice but I’ve never left early. There is always something to work on.”

Thomas’ passion for the game is obvious; especially when he explains the best round of golf he ever played since first picking up a club. “I just hit 3 under for a 69. It was the best feeling ever seeing that ball at the bottom of the cup. 3 under on one hole, it was just crazy.” Breaking his old record of 74, Thomas knows that his hard work is paying off. He gives some insight into how he prepares for his upcoming final season. “I put four hours of golf in every day.”

Eagle Scout 2 months before 13th Birthday  –  Sophomore & Junior Class President  –  Student Body President  –  High Honor Roll  –  Played a personal best of 3 under for 69

Each time Thomas is lined up to take a shot; he knows that his mindset needs to be strong, focused, and confident before swinging the club. “The mental game can screw guys up. I have to know I’m going to make the putt before I even try. I tell myself, ‘I am going to make this putt, or this drive is going down the fairway.’ And that’s what starts happening.” Thomas has learned to take one hole at and time, and not worry about his overall score alone. “If you over think things out there, it is going to ruin you.”

Thomas enjoys being out and shooting with his teammates, and ponders what they will accomplish. “It’s going to be way cool to see how things turn out this year. Playing with my friends is great. We started playing together as sophomores and we put in the time every summer. Each year we are dropping 5-10 strokes, and now Senior year is coming and it’s going to be fun to see.”

“When I got my first Eagle I took off my shirt and ran around the course! Most people don’t do that, but Thomas Christiansen is going to do that.”

From an early age, Thomas discovered what he wanted to be in the future. “I knew since I was seven that I wanted to be a dentist. Every dentist I’ve ever known has always been real cool. Every other little kid would leave the dentist crying and I would be thinking to myself, ‘This is sweet!’” While high school classes may not specifically teach Thomas skills pertaining to dentistry, he still finds interest in his subjects and works to perform well academically. “Biology and Science are my favorite subjects, but you have to make sure you pass the other classes too. If it takes a few hours a day for homework then I have to make sure I get it done.”

Thomas Christiansen has a big and happy personality, no question! “I can jam out in my car. I sing pretty loud.” Also considering himself a pretty good dancer, he points out, “At school dances I go pretty crazy. I’m not worried about what people think. I just like to have fun! It’s just me.” Thomas recalls his excitement after hitting his first Eagle on the course. “When I got my first Eagle I took off my shirt and ran around the course! Most people don’t do that, but Thomas Christiansen is going to do that.”

Athletes who play multiple sports tend to have a stronger competitive edge. Thomas is one of those athletes, enjoying the game of baseball as well. “I always wanted to play second base, Varsity, and when I went to open field to play, coach pulled me aside. He let me know he was glad I was there and that I would get a lot of playing time on the JV squad, with some time on Varsity as a bunter batting eighth.” With this disappointing revelation, Thomas knew he would have to work if he wanted to see any time for Varsity. “I took it as a challenge and I worked really hard, and after about two weeks into the season I got to play second and moved up to fourth in the line up. It was pretty cool to see that change and that my hard work paid off for me.”

Thomas has plans to serve an LDS mission, “to wherever I am called to go.” His excitement about sharing his LDS faith is clear. “It helps to have such incredible parents who love you. I want to be the type of person that will serve other people first.” He continues, “I need to work to achieve my goals, and if one of my goals is to make someone else’s life better by serving them, then I am going to do that.”

“I have learned so much from my father. He has done so much for me, my siblings, and my mom. It’s not about him.” Thomas shares a bit of why his relationship with his father, and mentor, means so much to him. “He does whatever he can to make other people happy. He shows us it’s not just about him. He is an amazing individual. I just love him.”

Ask David Christiansen about what impresses him most about his son, and you’ll get an emotional answer. “His ability to first off, love people and treat them well. I’ve often told him that I’d wished I had the courage to be the young man he is. Whatever it is, he will not shy away from any opportunity. It’s always been about how he could serve and help other people.”

“It’s not the type of player you are. It’s the type of person you are.” Thomas says. “At the end of the day, the sports and academics, you can be great at both. You can win that championship or get that 4.0, but if you are not a good person too, then this whole high school experience has gone to waste. You’ve got to be the type of person people can look up to.” • HSSI