Volleyball, Family and Hunting

Sports have always played a big role in Cyndee McGuire’s life. As she’s grown, she really took a passion to volleyball. She could play it all day and every day, which she just about does.

Pine View Class of 2017 Volleyball 3.72GPA

Cyndee is going to be a senior at Pine View High School this upcoming school year, and she is prepared and excited to work hard this summer in preparation for Volleyball season.

“This summer is super busy. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we condition together as a team at 5:30 a.m. for a few hours, and Tuesday’s and Thursday’s we meet and play sand volleyball together,” Cyndee said.

While Pine View High School isn’t in volleyball season, Cyndee is part of a volleyball club called SUVA, where she’s played for over 3 years. She’s had great experiences with this club and has competed in Reno, NV, Anaheim, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and will be competing in Denver, CO this summer. She’s become very close to her teammates but not only by winning games on the volleyball court.

Each season as a team, they meet and find a neighborhood together and go door-to-door and wash windows together as a service project. “It makes us feel good knowing we are helping other people. Even though washing windows isn’t a huge thing, we are working together and learning to appreciate each other while serving others,” Cyndee explains. Just like the game of volleyball, they have to work together and learn to appreciate each other’s strengths, and that is what gets the job done.Volleyball is in Cyndee’s genes. Her mother, Cheri, played volleyball and has been an incredible mentor to Cyndee. “My Mom has always supported me and is always strong when I don’t feel as strong. She believes in me and always has.” She is close to all of her family and loves being an aunt to her niece and nephew most of all. “We have a close family, and we love to be together” Cyndee said.

Cyndee has some hidden talents that many may be unaware of. Hunting is a huge part of her life, and she looks forward to hunting season every year. Hunting, camping, fishing, and just about anything outdoors are favorites to Cyndee. Deer and Elk are some of her favorite animals to hunt. About two years ago, Cyndee was featured in the Muleycrazy Magazine because of a 7 X 8 Buck she shot herself. She now has it mounted on the wall of her home labeled ‘The Trophy Buck.’ Since the McGuire family has such a love for the outdoors, Cyndee’s father, Clint McGuire, tells her often, “You’re cuter than a bug’s ear.” He adores his daughter and is grateful that “she is a good girl, she always tries hard at whatever she is working on, and just does what she needs to do when something needs to be done.”

Cyndee’s parents enjoy watching her play volleyball. It was exciting for them to watch the Pine View High School Volleyball Team win the Dixie State University’s Camp Championship last summer. Pine View is hoping to win this title again as their team is planning on attending it again this summer.

Cyndee is looking forward to a great senior year with her volleyball team. “Before each game, as a team, we all listen to music and play around. It gets us loosened up and relaxed before we play,” Cyndee explains happily. “We don’t have a specific songs we listen to; we just need any music.”

Cyndee is truly grateful for good health. Luckily, she’s had to deal with only minor injuries throughout her Volleyball career. It was rough one season. While tendonitis took over her right shoulder, it was also her hitting arm. “It was very frustrating because I couldn’t go all-out for a long time and had to take it easy until it healed,” said Cyndee. The doctors told her a lot of ice and time is what is necessary for her to heal and to not injure her shoulder further.

Through her experience dealing with and overcoming injury, however, Cyndee learned patience and sympathy for others who can’t be 100% because of injuries, and because of these lessons, she realized how much she enjoys helping others.

Cyndee has always been fascinated by what doctors do and knows that she would love to work in the medical field after high school becoming a registered nurse or a respiratory therapist, a couple of careers that she is considering.

Cyndee hopes to play college volleyball and would love to attend a Utah college if possible. She enjoys being close to home and would love for her family to get to see her continue playing Volleyball at the college level.

A quote Cyndee lives by, “Practice like you’ve never won, play like you’ve never lost.” She has put this quote to the test, and it is paying off in her favor. Good luck this year, Cyndee!! • HSSI