Talent And Personality Make Life Great

Before Lindsy McConnell was born, her mother had two older daughters and was supposedly unable to have any more children. It was a surprise when she found out she was pregnant with another daughter.

Snow Canyon Class of 2017 Basketball 3.4GPA

As excited as she was to have another baby, Laretta, Lindsy’s mother had some fetal testing done and the doctors told her that her baby would have Down syndrome and possibly other problems as well. Back then, it wasn’t uncommon for doctors to suggest terminating the pregnancy. However, after three weeks, Laretta had more testing done and thankfully found out that her baby was healthy in every way and did not have Down syndrome. Laretta was thrilled with the news, but the good news was short-lived as she began having gallbladder problems, which caused her to go into labor 6 weeks early. “Thankfully, Lindsy overcame many obstacles before she was born, and to this day, her life has continued to be obstacle-laden. Yet, she overcomes any obstacle and is better and stronger” Laretta said with tears in her eyes.

When Lindsy was around 18 months, she had still not started talking. Her parents became worried and took her to a few different doctors, and the conclusion was that she was going deaf and would most likely be deaf the rest of her life. They decided to go to one more doctor, “This doctor found what they call an abundant amount of wax buildup in her ear to the extent that she was almost deaf” stated Laretta. “After the wax was removed, Lindsey began making sounds and talking within days. She has given us all a run for our money ever since.”

Lindsy is an amazingly busy young lady. As a basketball player for Snow Canyon High School, Lindsy looks forward to each and every practice with her teammates. “We all get along so well, and we all love our coaches. We can’t help but look forward to becoming better ball players as well as better friends” Lindsy happily stated.

Lindsy works an average of 20-25 hours a week at Arctic Circle and enjoys her job and the extra income. She is also involved in ceramics and woodshop which she enjoys. “Our house is over-flowing with Lindsy’s ceramic projects, and we all love it,” her mother said. Lindsy has always been one to enjoy working with her hands. As a matter of fact, while her family recently built their home, Lindsy volunteered to put in light fixtures, to help with the plumbing, and even to do some of the electrical work. She’s also proud of the fact that she and her father put in her car stereo all by themselves, with the help of YouTube videos.

Lindsy loves working side by side with her father on house projects and anything else her father will let her help with.

As a Special-Ed Intern at Snow Canyon High, Lindsy finds unconditional love every day in her interaction with the students in these classes. “Kids are drawn to her, and will gravitate to her no matter where we are,” Laretta said. Lindsy is particularly good with Down syndrome children and will go out of her way to make them feel extra special. While working with special-ed students, Lindsy found a solution to the students wanting to bang the tables all the time. She made a drum all on her own one day and this drum is now part of her intern classroom. “The kids love it, and now they have this drum to bang on rather than the tables” Lindsy proclaimed happily. Lindsy’s Mom gets tears in her eyes several times when she sees her daughter become so close to children with Down syndrome, because at one point she believed Lindsy, too, was Down syndrome.

Lindsy is one of four girls in her family. Both of Lindsy’ older sisters enjoyed participating in Future Farmers of America (FFA) at Snow Canyon High School. Lindsy too, loved her involvement with FFA, but decided she wanted to dedicate most of her time to basketball.

As a sophomore, Lindsy strained her knee pretty badly. She was worried she may not get to play basketball anymore, because her knee just didn’t’ seem to get better. After several physical therapy appointments and rehabilitation, her knee became stronger and pain free. Through this experience, Lindsy decided her career path. After high school, she hopes to attend Utah State University (USU) or Snow College and pursue an education in Physical Therapy so she can someday work at schools to rehabilitate student athletes’.

Until then, Lindsy is looking forward to her senior year of basketball at Snow Canyon. Her family has thoroughly enjoyed supporting her. “I don’t know what we will do after Lindsy graduates” said Nicole, Lindsy’s sister. Basketball is a part of Lindsy’s life and she’s played since elementary school. “The coaches at Snow Canyon have been phenomenal, and we don’t think they get near the credit they deserve. They are more than just coaches, they truly care about our girls, and even their whole families,” Laretta stated.

When Snow Canyon High School Girls’ Basketball Team won the State Championship last year, it was a huge accomplishment for every single girl and coach. “It was just a great day and memory to have for the rest of my life,” Lindsy said. She is very grateful to her coaches for the encouragement and difference they have made in Lindsy’s life. Coach Roden gave the nickname of Baby Giraffe to Lindsy. “I asked why Coach Roden had given her that nickname and he replied, ‘Have you ever seen a video of a baby giraffe? Now picture Lindsy running down the court until she’s warmed up.’ ” Lindsy refers to Coach Roden as a second father figure, and admires all he has taught her.

“We all get along so well, and we all love our coaches.”

Before every game the Snow Canyon girls play, it is a pre-game ritual to sing (scream) the words to Whitney Houston’s famous song, I Will Always Love You in the locker-room before the girls enter the court. It is tradition and one that will most likely continue for years to come. Engraved inside each Championship ring are the words I will always love you.

Lindsy feels it is important to enjoy the ride while one is able, and this is exactly how Lindsy seems to live her life. In some ways she was given a second chance, as her mother chose to get another doctors opinion rather than to terminate her pregnancy.

She’s known as the goofball of her family, but all in good light. Lindsy is a very talented and smart girl. Lindsy, we look forward to seeing you succeed in the future. • HSSI