Strength Through Heartache

Some individuals are born succeed in a specific area. In Brady Lowry’s case, wrestling may have been what he was born to conquer on this earth. Brady began wrestling at the age of 3, and his talent was obvious to not only his parents, but also to his coaches. As a little league wrestler Brady took the State Championship 11 times in a row in the Bantam age group through USA Wrestling.

Canyon View Class of 2019 Wrestling & Football 4.0GPA

One of his State Championships came after an extreme tragedy. Brady was competing at another State Championship in North Sevier, Utah, when he was 11 years-old. His Mother who rarely missed Brady’s meets was saddened when she realized the girls’ gymnastics team, she coached at SUU would be competing the same day. Brady assured her is was fine, since his father would be there. Unfortunately, Brady’s mother got into a terrible car accident and was killed. Dallas Lowry, Brady’s father was notified while at Brady’s championship meet. Brady was preparing for championship match.

His father, knowing he couldn’t wait to tell his son the news about his mother, had to tell Brady that his mother had just been killed in a car accident. Brady was overwhelmed with sadness. He took a while to express his sadness and then he took the mat for his championship match. “Brady literally destroyed his opponent,” Dallas confirmed. “We’d never seen him wrestle like that, and he won and we all knew that he wrestled that match for his mother.”

Although it was hard getting through the emotions of his mother’s death, Brady didn’t let the pain punish him or slow down his progress Brady knows his mother, who has been gone for 4 years, is watching over him in all he does, and is cheering him on in heaven. As a sophomore in high school, Brady is already nationally known for his abilities on the wrestling mat. Brady competed at Nationals last year in Pennsylvania where he won 13 matches and lost only 3, making him the Freestyle and Grecko National Champion of 2015.

During summer wrestling practices, Brady gives a lot of credit to a former college wrestler, Cameron Day, who has created daily wrestling workouts for him. He looks forward to these workouts and finishes them drenched in sweat. Brady loves that wrestling pushes him to new limits and challenges him beyond what he thought he was capable of. “Before I wrestle, I really enjoy watching my teammates’ matches. It just relaxes me and gets me in the moment,” Brady stated. He enjoys seeing others succeed and is a great asset in getting his team emotionally ready to win.

Dallas was thankful when he found love again, and married Brenda Blackburn. “She is a wonderful step-mother to all 4 of my children,” Dallas happily stated. “We now have a big family with lots of cousins and Brady is an uncle to two nephews. Kids will gravitate to him, because I think they can just feel that he really loves them and wants to spend time with them.”

Brenda is very proud of Brady and loves watching him succeed. “Brady has always been a leader and has always had a desire to do well. He equally wants to see others do the very same; he is in a caliber where so few find themselves. He is an inspiration. This young man knows who he is and wants to achieve great things both in sports and in life; he steps ahead and makes great things happen. Brady has heart, and it’s been a real privilege stepping into the role of his mother and watching him grow and handle the situations he’s been faced with. After losing his Mother suddenly in an auto accident, he stepped up with amazing character, grit and honor unlike anything anyone had seen and finished wrestling that day, looking toward heaven knowing his Mother was with him cheering him on. He is an amazing example for all, both old and young.” said Brenda, Brady’s stepmom.

As phenomenal a wrestler as Brady is, he doesn’t settled for one sport. “Things come very easily to him, no matter what it is,” Brenda said. “Whether it’s football, snowboarding, wakeboarding, or tumbling. He can just do it; it’s incredible.” Brady has a Varsity Letter at Canyon View High School in wrestling and football, as he was also the starting safety for Canyon View’s Varsity Football team this year, as well as the backup quarterback.

“One of my favorite things to do is hang out at my cabin on Cedar Mountain with lots of my friends. We love playing poker and hanging out around the fire,” Brady said.

“Friends are his hobby,” his father said laughing.

Brady and his father are lovers of the outdoors. Hunting and fishing are activities they are very passionate about. A favorite story of Brady’s is telling about an incident that happened as they were heading to the mountains to begin a hunting trip. They saw a 4-point buck just hanging out on the side of the road. They pulled over, and both Brady and his father shot the deer at the same time. Ironically, the previous year, they’d seen a Buck in this exact spot, but this year, they got him.

Brady is a straight ‘A’ Student and was on the high honor roll. Last year, Brady was also the ‘English Student of the Year,’ which is voted on by all the English teachers. Brady is the current Region Wrestling Champ, and the 3rd Place State Champion in Wrestling. “It’s frustrating, I won the current State champion in our dual against his school, but ended up losing to him in the state tournament. I’m pretty pumped to work hard and be the State Champion this year,” Brady stated.

Although Brady still has a couple more years of high school, he is already looking forward to his future. After high school, Brady plans to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and attend college and get his degree in Physical Education. “I’d like to teach, and would love to coach high school wrestling and football,” Brady said. Wrestling in college is a goal Brady would love to accomplish if the opportunity is there.

“The best thing about Braden is his attitude,” says Brenda. “He can be drenched in sweat from a hard work-out, and it is pretty obvious sometimes that he is not feeling well. We’ll ask him how he’s doing, and he’ll just say, “Excellent, I don’t have time to be sick.”” This can sum up Brady’s life: he is a hard-working, motivated individual with a bright future ahead of him, and one that will be well earned. Good luck Brady. You are definitely one to watch over the next several years. • HSSI