More Than Meets The Eye

Since 5th grade, Christian Morris has had the same best friend, David Colson. Morris gives David credit for interesting him in the sport of Tennis. They both began playing around the 6th grade, and then started playing competitively their freshmen year. As seniors this year, they are still best friends, as well as tennis team partners on First Doubles, which is the highest competitive league in high school.

Hurricane High Class of 2016 Tennis & Golf 3.9GPA

They weren’t always tennis team partners until recently, “Last year Colson and another teammate were partners for first doubles. I was partners with someone else for second doubles. This was the line-up for the whole season until Morris’ teammate ended up with appendicitis the day before the last region match, and was unable to play. So I got to move up and played with David against Canyon View. After defeating them, we moved on to the region tournament as a 6 seed and were playing Pine View. We beat them and were automatically qualified for state. Unfortunately, we lost our first match, but we are looking forward to this season with high hopes” quotes Morris.

There is so much more to Christian than just being a good tennis player. He has a heart of gold and is very well known for his good character. Christian’s father, Gene Morris, loves to tell a story about Christian that happened when he was around 5-years-old. They had gone to the store together and Gene, caring about the safety of his son, told him to stay right behind him no matter what. After a few minutes he looked behind him, and Christian was nowhere to be found. Gene began to panic a little, and backtracked where he’d gone looking for Christian. Gene then began calling his son’s name. Once he called his name, Christian said, “Dad, I’m right here behind you, like you asked me to be.” Every time Gene had turned around to look for his son, Christian would pivot to stay right behind him, like his Father had asked him to do.

Both of Christian’s parents agree that to this day, Christian is still as obedient as he was that day in the store with his father. “He is also very self-motivated. He sets his mind to something, and then works hard to get it done,” says his mother, Lynette. This last year, Christian chose to run for Executive Council at Hurricane High. It was a lot of work running and campaigning, and it paid off. He is currently serving as the Student Body Secretary, and puts in hundreds of service hours, helping with pep rallies, assemblies, and most events that take place at the school. Christian is known by most of the secretaries at his school, because he stays at the school many nights when it’s time to get things ready for the new school year. He made himself a bed in the office and would end up sleeping there on many occasions.

Christian has maintained a 3.9 GPA, and is working hard to keep it high. Christian’s Mom mentioned that often, Christian will pull ‘all-nighters’ doing homework, making sure all of his assignments are done well. When Christian is finished with his homework, around 5 or 6 a.m., he doesn’t dare go to sleep. Instead, he’ll go play golf before heading off to school. Math is a strong suit for Christian, and it has always come easy to him. As an elementary student, Christian scored one of the highest scores in the district on a standardized test, and has continued to excel in math ever since

Christian is also a part of the Hurricane High School Orchestra, and plays the Viola as 1st Chair. He sings, mainly for his family, and he also plays the Ukulele. He is the best at getting crowds excited during high school games. Christian is at almost every sporting event, pep rally, assembly, dance, bon fire, and/ or concert that Hurricane High School is involved in. He and his friends are the loudest ones in the crowd, and can be heard motivating everyone else to join in. Christian has created a signature cheer called the ‘Rollercoaster’ and the high school cheerleaders call him down to face the crowd and and lead the cheer. Christian’s Mom says, “What more could you want out of your high school time? He has not held back, and as a result has had a great experience.”

In November of 2014, Christian received his Eagle Scout. This was a big deal to him, partially because his father told him he could not have a driver’s license until he had earned his Eagle Scout. Christian saved his own money, researched, and found just the right car for him. A man in Salt Lake City had recently restored a turquoise 1962 Mercury Comet, and had it up for sale. Christian was thrilled when he came across the car, and made the deal to buy it. Christian’s father helped him get it home, and his car is now one of his most prize possessions.

After graduating from high school this spring, Christian is looking forward to serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He would love to pursue the opportunity to play tennis in college, and is hopeful in making that happen. He is excited for his senior year on the tennis team which begins in late February. His aspiration is to major in Business and Entrepreneurship, and would love to attend Brigham Young or Utah State University.

Christian is one to watch for on and off the tennis court. Good luck to Christian and the rest of the Hurricane High School Tennis Team this season. • HSSI