More Than Just An Athlete

A busy athlete such as Elly Wiliams, has little time for much else; one would think. Williams is one of few students who is, a Three-Sport Athlete lettering in soccer, basketball, and track & field at Desert Hills High School.

Desert Hills Class of 2017 Basketball, Soccer, Track & Field 3.8GPA

Sports are a huge part of Elly’s life and she can impress just about any coach that sees her with her athleticism, but the great thing is there is so much more to Williams. It will make one very interested in trying to figure out how she can possibly play three sports, and yet fit everything else in that she is involved in.

Williams was born in Iowa, but moved to Indiana when she was in elementary. She lived there throughout her freshmen year. Then, she moved to St. George, Utah with her family when her father accepted a new position at Dixie State University. Elly is the second of five children, having one older sister, and three younger brothers. “Elly is very humorous, quick witted, and can make people laugh very easily,” says Kristin Williams, Elly’s mother. An example of Elly’s quick wit occurred on a first day of school. Elly’s real name is Ellyn Wiliams, so her teacher called out her real name and said, “Is your name Ellyn? Elly came right back with, “Yes, but the ‘N’ is silent.” The teacher got a good laugh out of her quick come back.

Elly who is currently a senior, is involved in Success Academy through Dixie State University. By the time Elly graduates from high school, she will have graduated from Dixie State University with an Associate’s Degree first. “This program has been a great thing for Elly, and the best part about it, is that she’ll be the first one in our family to graduate from Dixie State and also the first one to accept her Diploma from her Father,” stated Kristin.

When Elly graduates high school, she plans on getting her undergrad degree in athletic training, and then continuing her education to become a Physician’s Assistant (PA). Elly also loves to travel, and she learned about her travel passion on a trip to Costa Rica that she took with her family in June 2015. From this trip, she also learned how hard some people’s living conditions are in other countries; this experience helped her decide her career choice of becoming a PA. She also realized she really wants to help people. This summer, Elly will be traveling to Belize, which is in the heart of Central America, and she’ll be participating with the HEFY Humanitarian Group. She will be there 15 days helping to build schools. She’s looking forward to this trip and can’t wait to make this a tradition for years to come. “When I am a PA, I plan on doing trips like this a few weeks every year and use my education to help people in several countries.” Elly said. She looks forward to adding Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Fiji to her list of places she can add her humanitarian touch to in the near future. “I like the adventures and learning about other cultures.”

Her Humanitarian attitude is nothing new. As a 5th grader at Riley Elementary in Indiana, Elly started a program called “Handbag’s for Haiti” which inspired her after the horrific Haiti Earthquake in 2010. She raised money and then made several handbags from colorful duct tape and had them sent to Haiti. While attending Riley Elementary, Elly was always known for her good grades and being one of the best runners. She won two bikes, each a different year, for her running and grades. “Elly is motivated by money and prizes” her father, Biff Williams said laughingly.

As a freshmen at South High School in Terre Haute, Indiana, Elly was a starter for the Varsity Soccer team. As a 14-year-old, she was invited to play with the U18 Premier Soccer Team there as well. Her athleticism was very well known throughout Indiana. It was a bit hard when she found out her family would be moving across the country to Utah right before she began her sophomore year, but she looked forward to her new adventure in St. George, Utah.

As a child, Elly was heavily involved in several sports, swimming, volleyball, softball, and of course soccer, basketball, and track. As she got older and began high school, she had to rule out a few of them.
As a sophomore at Desert Hills, Elly made the basketball team and was the only sophomore girl that made the team that was told by her coach she wouldn’t be playing any JV or Varsity, every other sophomore was told they were also part of the JV and Varsity teams. By the end of her basketball season as a sophomore, Elly was starting Varsity and a huge asset to her team. She has proven time and time again that hard-work will always win in the end. She has proven this over and over again.

Elly is currently a two-time Region Champion in the Shotput and plans to become a three-time champ this year. She also took 4th at the State in Shotput and 5th in discus at State as a junior. Elly was chosen as part of the All-State team the last two year in Track and Field.

A deep dark secret Elly would prefer to keep quiet are her piano playing skills. She may claim to not play, but every now and then she’ll whip out a few pieces and surprise anyone at her ability. She enjoys playing patriotic songs the best and may say yes if asked to play around the 4th of July or the 24th of July.

Elly has worked for Firehouse Sub’s for almost a year now, she is also involved in photography and has enjoyed learning how to edit pictures on a professional level. She takes pictures for the Desert Hills Football Team, and enjoys what she is learning in her photography classes. She’s also interested in Graphic Design and actually designed her group’s Sadie’s sweatshirts this year. “She gets these skills from her Grandpa Williams,” her mother happily stated. Art is a skill that also comes naturally to Elly and she finds it enjoyable when she does get some free time. She has created some great art pieces and some are currently displayed in her home.

Elly enjoys her 3 younger brothers and often entertains them with her humor. If anyone in her family asks her what she’s doing, Elly will most likely respond with “Underwater basket weaving.” She can bring any of her siblings out of their frustrations with her wit and charm. “Her friends love her, and she makes them laugh constantly. She’s just a ton of fun to be around,” Kristin stated. Elly loves to be with friends and is most often seen with Morgan, Ashley, and her football boys.

As a hardworking, dedicated, and humorous athlete, high school won’t be the last we hears of Elly Williams. She is one to watch the rest of her senior year, and throughout her college years. Good luck in your future Elly. We know you have a great one ahead of you. • HSSI