More Than A Ritual

Canyon View has a first in football that not many outside the sport and school understand or even know about. It’s incredible really, when you examine it all. The 5’7” senior Morgan Cheney, dubbed one of the few ‘Utah Girls of Autumn’ plays football. In case there is any doubt, she will lay you out. The girl is not afraid to mix it up with the guys and hit a few helmets.

Canyon View Class of 2017 Basketball & Football 3.7GPA

Catch the Lady Falcon during basketball season and her intensity is no different. “I love to compete!” Compete she sure does, a three-sport athlete playing football, basketball and track, competition runs throughout her veins.

Born and raised in Cedar, Morgan is the oldest of seven children with five brothers and one sister. One can imagine how busy the Cheney household is as a whole but for Morgan especially, her summers we loaded with practice. Busy is a part of Morgan’s life. Something she has grown accustomed to in order to play the sports she loves. “I would get up at 6am then go to football practice then come home for an hour break then off to the gym for basketball,” Morgan adds. “Depending on the day I would have evening football practice and then I would hit the gym again to shoot around with some friends.”

It does not stop at sports for Cheney either. “I do yearbook for school too. So I design pages for the yearbook, I write, I take pictures and stuff like that. I also like to read too, basically anything I can get my hand on pretty much,” she says with a laugh.

This Lady Falcon’s academics do not suffer in the slightest and her ambitions do not take a back seat either, they are front and center. “I take a lot of AP and concurrent enrollment classes at SUU, in fact that is where I take most of my classes,” she explains. “I am currently focused on getting my generals out of the way but I also want to be an editor so I take a lot of English classes to help with that.”

Schoolwork, homework, family life, and sports, how does it all fit? Balancing everything can be a challenge but Morgan has embraced her priorities full on. “I don’t sleep much, I am always busy. It’s hard to balance it all but I have to put my priorities in order. I pick and choose and sometimes it’s a lot harder than you think it is. I do have to put my social life on hold some of the time but as long as my school work and sports are covered I am happy.”

Interesting thing, most people put off the work ethic until they are all grown up. After all, the mindset of ’I want to be a kid while I’m a kid‘ is the way it should be right? Well, it depends. When you’ve built that work ethic at an early age and grow up with that same mentality you typically achieve more success and affluence as an adult. The byproduct? You have so much more time to be a kid, and the means to enjoy it all. Morgan? She is focused 100%.

Morgan shares a few of her favorite sports moments playing in a varsity football game as a junior and her time on the hardwood for the Lady Falcons. “During football season we were winning against our crosstown rival Cedar and we had the ball with 20 seconds left. I remember that instead of just kneeling the ball and letting the clock run the coach put me in for the last few plays and I got to be a part of a big game on varsity football as a junior. With basketball, I would say that the night I scored 16 out of our teams 26pts. It was so memorable because the team chemistry that night was working so well and even though we didn’t get the win, as a team we continue to learn and always try to look for the bright spots. We for what we can do better the next time. Individually though, I am harder on myself and I know that I just need to keep putting in the work.”

“You do have to put in a lot of hard work, but it is very satisfying when you do and see results,” Morgan explains. “Basketball just brings me so much joy. My favorite part of playing sports is seeing how individuals and teams can put in so much hard work and come out with amazing results.”

“It is a lot of fun watching her,” shares Faline, Morgan’s mother. “She is the first girl to actually play at Canyon View in school history. During basketball my heart does stop a lot during the game until you see the basketball go in though, but it is really fun to watch her compete and play the sports she loves so much.”

With her final year as a Falcon Morgan hopes she and her teammates can have a stronger season this year. “Our goal is to put together the talent we have and make sure that we are putting it to good use. We want to get deep into the playoffs and do well as a team. We just have to work hard every day.”

As her storied high school sports career comes to a close, Morgan hopes that she is remembered for setting an example of, “believing you can be anything you want. When you put your heart and mind to it, along with the hard work, then you can accomplish anything. I hope people see that in me. I hope they go on with their own dreams and goals and that they put their heart and mind into getting everything they want.”

“I believe I am very passionate and I am willing to do whatever it takes to reach my goals,” Cheney declares. “I really want to go to college and get my degree in English and business and then I want to become an editors and do what I love. I believe that the hard work I put in is what is going to get me there and that if I do my best I will be ok. I really don’t have any rituals. It’s more than a ritual.” • HSSI