Living Life All-In

There is really one choice to make. We unconsciously ask it every day of our lives. However, it’s only until we ask it of ourselves deliberately, with full purpose, that the answer begins to take shape.

Which do you prefer? What will you choose? Mediocrity versus 120?

With anything we do in life we make a choice. We are either going to give it everything we have or we will just settle. Settling is never pleasant. Before too long we dread the routine we have created for ourselves. We loathe the fact that we find ourselves in the exact same situation that we were in the previous year. Training ourselves to live small, without passion, and drive, to not see things as they could be, then going after it. Deliberately!

That’s life at its worst–Mediocrity. Life without passion. Life without drive. Life without purpose. We have to find more within ourselves, we have to live life at 120.

What I found to be most incredible, as I’ve interviewed and met with each of these student athletes we’ve featured, is that these individuals have not been tainted by the world around them. They are focused on doing what they love and are willing to put in all the time and effort to fulfill their goals. Each of them leave no room for excuses as to how their season will play out. They soak in the messages taught to them by their coaches and mentors as motivation. By doing so, they find the will and the way to push past their own limits.

Life at 120 is something not easily done. You have to go to a dark place there, and reach your limits before you begin to catch a glimpse. Few are even brave enough to make the journey. Getting to that point hurts like nothing you’ve experienced before. It takes more than most are willing to give. That limit is when you find yourself being pushed to the level of exhaustion, where you can give no more, when your body aches and begs you to give up and rest. That limit is where you quite literally spill blood, sweat, and tears. It’s in that very moment, in the depths of all your pain, your heartache and suffering, that you see another side of who you can become, and what life can be like. It’s in that moment, when you dig down a little deeper, reach a little further, run a little faster, jump a little higher, when you work just a little harder, and you push beyond your own limits, that you feel it. Something deep down inside of you that screams, ‘I HAVE MORE TO GIVE, and I WILL NOT QUIT!’

That is 120! Living Life All-In…whether it’s in your business, job, relationships, academics, athletics or life in general, when you push beyond limits to reach a level previously unknown. That was Desert Hills vs. Dixie in the State Basketball Tournament last season, going into ‘Quadruple Overtime’. Where each young man gave their all, fighting to advance into the Championship round. Finding within themselves the ability to compete, and push past their own limits, mental and physical. That was the moment they reached 120. No matter the final outcome. A favorable outcome is only a matter or time

Solomon stated in Proverbs 22:29 Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. (emphasis added)

Our Business? It’s what we DO in life that is our business. It’s in how we protect our marriage, relationships with our children, our employer, how we represent ourselves in the community. With these student athletes, it’s the love they have for their sport, the time, effort, and energy they put in to achieve the levels of success they desire.

Our Diligence? It’s in HOW we live our life, and the effort we put in each day to accomplish the things we say we want. No more pretending to pursue our goals. It’s the student athlete pushing past their limits to get their school work done on time, maintaining that GPA, working even harder so that when the time comes, they leave it all out on the floor. It’s fighting to live life at 120, a life of passion, purpose, and drive. Living Life All-In.

The Mean Men? Those ARE the naysayers who say that ‘You can’t do it! It’s not worth it! Give up. You’re not good enough!’ Those are the haters in life who simply hate because they cannot do, and are unwilling to do, the things necessary to achieve.

The Kings? They are THOSE individuals who live life at 120. They are the ones we stand with when we choose to live the same. Now choose… Which do you prefer?

Joe Olivas
HS Sports Insider