Media Day Spring 2016 Issue

A special thank you to Principal, Sharla Campbell, and Asst. Principal/Athletic Director, Mike Bair from Dixie High School for the use of the facilities. We appreciate all of our Media Day Sponsors and Co-Sponsors for assisting us in creating the experience for these great student athletes here in Region 9.

Comments about Media Day and the HS Sports Insider Experience from a few of the athletes featured in this issue. Once again we thank all of our Media Day Sponsors for assisting us in creating the experience for our athletes.

It was a good experience. It’s nice to be recognized for the sport I play.” -Matthew Morgan, Snow Canyon

“It was a really good and fun experience. Everyone was so nice. Alltogether it was really fun.” – Hunter Spray, Desert Hills

“I liked most how nice everyone was. It for sure made it a memorable experience.” – Lexi Hamel, Snow Canyon

“I liked the ESPN interview. It was fun to explain my progress in tennis.” – Christian Morris, Hurricane

“I loved working with the other athletes. It was really fun getting to know everyone.” – Kyla Smith, Desert Hills

“I really enjoyed the interview with Devin Dixon, he made me feel really comfortable. The food was also amazing! Thank you guys for this awesome experience.” – Kyle Williams, Hurricane

“I appreciated the opportunity to be exposedto the media. Loved being with others who were being recognized for their achievements.”  – Starlee Woodbury, Dixie

“Definitely meeting everyone involved, all the athletes, Joe, Devin, Jim, etc. Having the opportuinty was incredibe and Jim was awesome!” – Lexi Olds, Pine View

“Meeting up with everyone I used to play baseball with and watching them mess up in the interveiws and stuff, [that was] funny.” – Trevor Connell, Dixie

“Meeting Dixie Athletes! I have had many opportunities to do things like this before, I really enjoyed the social aspect of it all and the support.” – Gracie Richens, Dixie/Tuacahn

“Thank you guys so much for all you do dor high school athletes. You guys are amazing!” – Taylor Bandley, Pine View

“It was a great experience. I enjoyed the photos, interview, actually everything! Thanks so much!” – Treyson Esplin, Cedar

“I liked talking about the upcoming season with all the athletes.” – Nick Dolce, Snow Canyon

“I enjoyed being able to talk with others about my experience with track and what it has taught me.” – Alyssa Lambert, Hurricane

We would like to extend thank you’s to all of the parents who took time out of their schedules to spend the day with us and allowed us to highlight their kids. We are all the richer for having had the opportunity to get to know them. You should be proud of who they are becoming. Thank you to Devin Dixon for the interviews, the kids loved it! You made them feel like the pros. Thank you to Jim Speth. You killed it once again man, the cover shots came out great! 6 Schools 6 Covers – Good luck everyone this season, you deserve all the best!