Living With No Regrets

Snow Canyon’s, Mishayla Fausett began competing at the early age of 10. Being the youngest participant at the time, running her first marathon, Mishayla finished with an overall time of 4:57:40. This first marathon would be followed by three more in the subsequent years, Mishayla’s transition to soccer comes as no surprise.

Snow Canyon Class of 2016 Soccer & Track 3.56GPA

Taking State in soccer in her freshman year was a memorable experience for this Snow Canyon athlete. “ It was really cool to be a part of that team.” Still, beyond the championship and the title, Mishayla has come to mostly enjoy her time with her teammates. She says, “Throughout the season I just love growing together as a team. You get to meet so many new people; it makes it a lot of fun. Soccer really has a great team environment. “We are all really close to each other, so it’s super fun.” Mishayla continues, “All the girls I’ve played with have really tried to make me feel included and part of the group, so I hope that the girls feel the same way about me this year. We are all sisters here.”

4x Marathon Runner  – 2x Silver Shoe Award Winner  – 2014 All-State Honorable Mention  –  Freshman & Sophomore Class President  – Letter 2Xs Track & 3Xs Soccer  – Junior Women’s Rep Executive Council  – Most School Spirit Award  –  Seminary Council

For most student-athletes, the workload can prove challenging. Yet, for Mishayla, all of the hard work she has put in for soccer and track helps keep her even more focused on her schooling. “Sometimes it is hard to stay on top of it, but during sport seasons, I feel that it’s easier for me to stay on top of it because I want to play. I am checking everyday on Powerschool to see if I have any missing assignments. Then if I do, I make sure I get them done.”

School is definitely work for Mishayla, but she enjoys specific aspects of it. “I like history a lot. History is probably my favorite subject in school.” Mishayla’s love of learning has certainly helped her relationships with her instructors, especially when it comes to preparing for away games and track meets. “My teachers are so great. They help me a ton, and it’s nice that they work with my busy schedule when I have games that take me out of class early.”

Hoping to win the title of State Champion again as a senior, Mishayla is confident in the motivation of her and her team. “We all want it bad this year, and know it will be hard. So hopefully, if we work hard enough, towards the end of the season, it will all pay off. We have been working really hard through the summer this year.” Briefly recalling winning state as a freshman, Mishayla explains, “It was a whole lot of fun. We had such a great group of seniors back then too. We were all close as well. It was really nice though because we worked so hard that whole summer with conditioning and worked hard through the season.”

With older brothers who also played sports throughout high school, Mishayla has built in mentors to look up to. “I would see them play sports and think it was so cool. I wanted to be able to play and be just like them.”

Mishayla’s mother, Jan, notes that she believes her daughter has identified with even more role models along her high school journey. Jan says, “Having the opportunity to play with so many wonderful seniors as a freshman was good for her, and I know she learned from them and respected them so much. A lot of them were really good mentors, students, and athletes. Just great girls to be around on and off the field.”

Interestingly enough, Mishayla views her mother as her ultimate role model. “It would definitely be my mom. I look up to her so much. The way she cares for us and does so much for us. She is such an example, always serving everyone. When she has all kinds of things to worry about, she never hesitates to stop and do something for someone else. She’s my number one.”

Mishayla constantly aspires to live life with no regrets. Living with no regrets was the theme of her soccer team last season, and it has certainly become a part of who she is as a student, athlete, and all around individual. “Before every game we always would say to ourselves, no regrets. We just want to do our very best in everything we do.”

With plans to serve an LDS mission for her faith, Mishayla hopes to be able to serve in either Italy or South America. She also hopes to carry all that she has learned from her parents, mentors, and coaches with her to wherever she is called to serve. • HSSI