Jump, Set, Spike

Standing at 6’0”, most people certainly “look up” to Dixie High outside hitter and middle blocker, DeAubrey Bowers, but this isn’t just because of her height. With her fun loving attitude and spunk, she’s captured the hearts of many. According to Holly Brooksby, DeAubrey’s mom, “There is nobody with more friends than DeAubrey. She’s got a huge heart and is so loving.” Her teammates seem to agree. Brooklyn Wright, insists that DeAubrey “is always positive, always uplifting, and works hard no matter what on the court, and as a person, she is so amazing.”

Dixie High Class of 2017 Volleyball 3.6GPA

DeAubrey, the oldest of four children, is the typical big sister taking care of and watching out for her younger siblings. This trait has followed her onto the volleyball court as well. Coach Stacy Leavitt explains, “DeAubrey Bowers has started varsity for three years. She is athletic with a very strong arm. More importantly than that, she is a leader. Last year, as a junior she led her team through example. This year, she has taken the younger girls under her wing, and they all look up to her. She puts the team above herself.”

Leading by example and putting the team first are both excellent qualities. DeAubrey’s influence is also felt in other ways. Brooklyn Wright insists that DeAubrey has a calming effect on the court because she is confident and always gets the job done no matter the circumstances.

Confidence has not always been DeAubrey’s strong suit. “I used to have a bad confidence issue, but I’ve worked hard to improve my skill level, and my confidence level has followed.” This hard work includes workouts in the weightroom three times a week, volleyball camps at Dixie State and UVU, and playing on various club volleyball teams during the off-season. DeAubrey’s schedule… “Wake up and go to school, practice, eat, sleep, repeat.”

Having a routine helps DeAubrey stay on top of things academically. Holly, DeAubrey’s mom, adds that playing volleyball has definitely given DeAubrey more discipline. Not to mention, the workouts keep her in shape and healthy, which also helps with her grades.

DeAubrey feels that playing volleyball has taught her many life lessons as well. “I’ve learned to work with people in all situations. I know that I have to work hard if I want something.”

The ability to work hard has helped DeAubrey tremendously since tearing her ACL hitting a ball during warm ups for a club volleyball scrimmage. She had surgery in January, and it’s been 6 months of hard work to recover. She’s still trying to get back to 100%. Through this experience she has learned “that every rep counts, every ball matters, and always play your hardest because you never know when it will be your last game.”

DeAubrey’s strength has not gone unnoticed. Brooklyn Wright insists, “DeAubrey is the epitome of hard work and being a team player. She’s a great leader because she not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk! Coming back from a tough ACL injury, she’s been nothing but smiles, positivity, and being a great example.” Coach Leavitt adds, “Even though her playing time is limited right now, she provides the team with leadership, composure, and maturity. We are looking forward to when she is 100%. Her ability on the court will just add to the great dynamics of the team.”

Being part of a team is exactly what DeAubrey loves most about being an athlete; however, winning and competing are a close second. As a middle blocker and outside hitter, she is an integral part of her team’s successes. Her drive makes DeAubrey very competitive, so although she’s a very sweet girl off the court, on the court is a whole different story.

In order to get “pumped” for games, DeAubrey has a few pre-game rituals. “I always go and watch the younger girls play. About 20 minutes before the game starts, the whole team goes into the locker room for silent time to cool our nerves and visualize the game.” DeAubrey adds that Coach Leavitt is really good at motivating her and the rest of the team.

What’s in store for the Flyer Volleyball Team this year? Their first goal is to take region then state. The team lost a lot of seniors last year, which has made it hard to adjust, but DeAubrey insists that every player is working hard enough to make it on the right track. When she gets back on the court full-time, the Flyers will be a very competitive team.

After high school, DeAubrey would like to play volleyball. Her dream is to play at Penn State, but if she ends up staying in state, Utah State would be her choice. As for a career, she’d like to get a master’s degree in social work or psychology in order to work with children.

This genuine girl with “a big stage presence” who has everyone’s best interest at heart is sure to be successful in all of her endeavors. • HSSI