Hard Work Pays Off

Candice Gubler, a dynamic player on the Tennis court, but wasn’t aware of her talent until 3 years ago when she tried out for the tennis team as a freshmen at Hurricane High School. Candice decided to go and as history showed, Candice is a natural at tennis. Her added hard work and dedication to the sport, make for the perfect formula to be a great Tennis player.

Hurricane High Class of 2018 Tennis 4.0GPA

“When I first started playing tennis as a freshmen I enjoyed it and really liked playing, more just for the fun. I was okay with winning or losing,” Candice explained. “It wasn’t until the State competition of last year, when my doubles partner and I lost in two tie –breakers in the semi-finals, that I realized I want to win. I don’t like losing.”

This desire to win has shown immensely as Candice spends almost five hours a day on the tennis court several days a week. She’s practicing with her team, having private lessons, or convincing her parents to come and drop tennis balls for her to improve her backhand swing. “Several days this summer, Candice had us come with her to the school tennis courts in the evenings. At 10 pm, the lights automatically turn off, Candice would then have us turn on our car lights so she could finish up her reps, and then we’d have to clean up all of the tennis balls with our car lights on” Cami Gubler, Candice’s Mom recalls. “We will do this with her anytime she asks which is a lot, but they are fun memories to have.”

Candice, also a former JV softball pitcher for Hurricane High School is very athletic. She also plays the violin and piano and has done so for over eight years. She loves to hang out with her friends and find some thrill-seeking fun in jumping off cliffs at Sand Hollow Reservoir.

Candice’s biggest life decisions, such as her career are already decided and it’s been this way for a long time. Since the age of 5, she’s known she wants to a Dentist. Her Uncle, Scott Wilkins is a dentist and Candice attends his office on a regular basis to learn all of the ins and outs of dentistry. One of her favorite moments in her life thus far occurred at the age of 12. Her brother was under anesthesia and had to have his tooth pulled. Uncle Scott let Candice pull her brothers tooth out all by herself. “I already knew I wanted to be a dentist, but after pulling out his tooth, it was amazing, and it just confirmed my desire of becoming a dentist” Candice said happily. “It was so great.”

Math, one of Candice’s favorite subjects challenges her and she knows it is preparing her for her future goals. With a 4.0 GPA, the hope of attending the University of Utah, and her determined spirit, Candice is well on her way of making her dreams become a reality. “Candice is very devoted in what she plans on doing. Like being a dentist, she knows she has to get good grades, so she will. We have no doubt about that with her” says her father, Ty Gubler.

“It wasn’t until the State competition of last year, when my doubles partner and I lost in two tie –breakers in the semi-finals, that I realized I want to win. I don’t like losing.“

Like most sports, Tennis requires many hours of hard work and good coaching to be competitive and Candice was sure to give credit to her coaches. Hurricane High School’s Tennis Coach, Mark Manuele, has coached Candice since her freshmen year. This last year, Coach Manuele received Coach of the Year for Hurricane High School and coaches both the girls and boys tennis teams at Hurricane High. “He isn’t a teacher there either. Both of his teams admire his dedication to us as he commutes to Hurricane everyday just to coach us” Candice stated.

Candice also takes private lessons from Christian Wright on a weekly basis where she works on critiquing her form and getting her one step closer to achieving her goals. She looks forward to these lessons, and leaves feeling stronger and more prepared. “Candice loves tennis. It is her stress reliever. When she’s frustrated or overwhelmed, she’ll go to the courts and clear her head, and she comes back a different person, a happier person” Cami said.

Being the only tennis player in her family and one of three children, Candice has quite the cheer squad. She loves being able to hang out and play with her two nephews who live with her family as well. Candice would love to see them join her on the tennis court when they’re older. For now, she loves being their aunt and being a good influence in their lives.
Ty, an avid hunter realized Candice had a knack for hunting as well when she joined her father on her first deer hunt last year. Candice shot a deer on her first hunt, and came away with a 4-point buck. Candice wasn’t thrilled at first about the idea of hunting, but after she shot a gun the first time, “I was hooked.” Candice said excitedly.

Candice has such a great group of friends who she feels are so supportive of her. She ropes her friends in to playing a lot of tennis with her, even though they don’t play competitively. Lexy Lyons and Samuel Hallewell, two of her besties support her regularly by dropping balls on the court when Candice feels she needs a few more reps and does not take any of her friendships for granted. “Anyone who knows Candice will agree that she’s awesome and so easy to get along with” Ty says. She is definitely going to be one to watch this spring on the tennis court. • HSSI