Great Friend, Amazing Athlete

Cutler Thomas, an upcoming senior has a lot to look forward to this next year. Having successfully lettered already in both wrestling and football, Cutler has set goals to work hard, win some championships, and make his senior year the greatest year ever.

Dixie High Class of 2017 Wrestling & Football 3.5GPA

Summer is a great time for high school athletes to put in a lot of work and practice to prepare themselves for their upcoming years, and it is no different for Cutler. Before last year’s school year had even ended, Thomas was already on the field running routes for football and in the gym lifting weights to stay strong and fit for wrestling season. This summer entails multiple camps, early morning practices, tournaments, and putting in extra time on his own to get him where he wants to be for his last year of high school.

Brent Nyberg, Dixie High School’s Wide Receiver Football Coach and Uncle to Cutler, is someone who has always inspired him. Coach Nyberg is an alumnus to BYU Football where he started as wide receiver and was then invited to the NFL Training Camp for the Arizona Cardinals. “It’s awesome having my uncle as one of my coaches, especially because he is someone I’ve always looked up to and admired. He pushes me and can bring the best out of me,” says Cutler. Dixie High School has run an incredible football program for years. Proof of that is their 2nd Place finish in the Utah State Championship Game in 2015 and a 1st Place Utah State Championship in 2014 and 2012. “We have great coaches, and we all feel like we are lucky to get to play here at Dixie,” Cutler stated.

As the current 4th Place finisher in the state for Wrestling, Cutler is looking forward to wrestling season and hopes to come out on top this year. He is looking forward to improving his wrestling skills with one of his wrestling buddy’s from Desert Hills High School while attending summer camps together and pushing each other to work harder.

“We have great coaches, and we all feel like we are lucky to get to play here at Dixie.“

Sports is something that Cutler has done most of his life. As the second oldest of 4 kids and the only boy, his family has rallied around him and his successes in athletics. Both of his parents are alumni of Dixie High School and have thoroughly enjoyed watching their son succeed, and not just in sports. Thomas is a great student and does well in the classroom. After high school, he plans on attending college as a Pre-Med student becoming a General Practitioner. In preparation, he’s taking several science and math courses and plans on taking Physics next year. “School comes very natural to him. He is very intelligent and sports have taught him to finish something you start and have also encouraged him to keep his grades up,” says Cutler’s Mom, Kristi. Luckily for Cutler, Science and Math are his favorite subjects.

Thomas blames his family for his competitive personality, “My family is stubborn and hard-headed sometimes, and because of that, I always try to win.”

“Cutler is a fun person to be around, and you can’t help but be happy yourself when you’re around him. He likes to goof around and tease,” his mother said. He is a great friend and loves to hang out with his buddies when he has some down time. They like to play video games, swim, play basketball, and occasionally, go to the lake. Several of Cutler’s closest friends are football players and wrestling teammates. Because of this, there is a bond. This is part of their coach’s strategy to get along and work hard together on and off the field and/ or mat. During Football season, the coaches arrange for the team to attend the Meadow’s Assisted Living Home, where the players visit with the patients, play games, and interact with them during the patients’ dinnertime. “It puts things into perspective for us when we come here,” Cutler explains.

Dixie High School lost a great football player just recently due to a car accident. Drex Taylor will be greatly missed by his school and especially his teammates. As a fundraiser, Dixie High’s Football team sells beef jerky to raise money for their upcoming season. After the passing of Drex, the coaches and team decided to give a $3,000 check to Drex’s family. “We were glad we were able to help out a little bit and give them the money to help with whatever they may need for the funeral and other stuff,” Cutler stated.

Cutler is looking forward to his senior year making great memories. He is grateful for his health and is happy to have only suffered a couple of sprained ankles throughout his athletic experiences. He loves working hard and loves being part of a team and school that teach him so many things about more than just sports. Good luck, Cutler, on your senior year. We’ll be looking for you on the field and mat. • HSSI