Goal-Focused = Accomplishments

In 2008 as a 4th grader, Caden Butterfield happened to be watching the Summer Olympics on TV as Michael Phelps swept every gold medal in each swimming heat he competed in. From this moment, Caden decided he too wanted to be a swimmer. He told his parents, and he began competitive swimming. Now a senior in high school, Caden is fulfilling his dream as a strong swimming competitor for Pine View High School.

Pine View Class of 2017 Swimming 3.5GPA

Caden’s days start early as he begins swim practice every morning at 5:00 am during swim season. He is a member of Tri-Dent Swimming, which is a combination of Pine View, Hurricane, and Desert Hills High School swimmers. They practice together under the same coach; however, during competitions and swim meets, each swimmer will compete for his school. “It is awesome getting to practice with swimmers from these other schools. We all get along really well, and we even cheer each other on at our meets. It’s cool that we train together and have become good friends, and the best part is we all go to separate schools, so we have friends from not only our school but these other schools as well” Caden stated.

Growing up while his father was attending med school Caden was born in Texas, moved to Ohio, and almost 10 years ago his family moved to northern Utah. He didn’t mind moving around and was in awe of his father’s commitment to medicine. Caden’s life-changing move was moving to St. George from Draper, Utah, as he was approaching his sophomore year of high school.

“Caden loves leadership opportunities, and this move was a great opportunity for him to rise to the occasion, and he transitioned perfectly,” Caden’s mother, Sheila said. As soon as they were settled in St. George, Caden looked forward to joining Pine View High School’s swim team. He not only joined the team, but made the Varsity Swim Team his sophomore year and has lettered each year since.

Adjusted to his new surroundings, fish-out-of-water made friends very easily and became involved in more than just swimming at Pine View High. As a junior, Caden was elected to Junior Class Activities’ Chair. He loved the involvement as he became more and more familiar with student council responsibilities. He enjoyed this so much that he was elected to Student Council his senior year where he currently serves as the Student Body Secretary. There are many responsibilities that Caden enjoys with this office, and he looks forward to each event such as Homecoming, Christmas activities, and so much more. Caden was also chosen as part of the Homecoming Royalty this past September.

“It is awesome getting to practice with swimmers from these other schools.”

Caden has a passion for traveling. He’s experienced lots of places while moving around the country while his Dad finished up medical school. As a family, they’ve also visited some amazing place and a few of Caden’s favorites were Hawaii, New York City, and Pennsylvania. He especially loved Gettysburg. He’s also visited Canada and enjoyed it enough to go back a second time. One of his favorite places to visit is Lake Powell where his family goes almost every summer.

After Caden graduates from high school, he plans on serving an LDS mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When he returns, he plans to follow in his father’s footsteps and go into the medical field. He’d love to attend Southern Utah University (SUU) for his undergrad, as he has learned that nearly 90% of all students that graduate they are placed into medical schools. He then hopes to continue on to medical school, and stay close to the west coast, as he has found he loves this side of the country. Although he’d love to keep swimming on a college level, he feels it may be best to focus on getting his education as med school will be very challenging.

Caden not only loves to travel but he also loves helping others. This past summer, Caden had the opportunity to fly to Honduras with his father on a humanitarian trip. For seven days Caden was able to assist his father in performing several surgeries at an orphanage. They went to a 1,000 acre ranch that houses over 400 orphans from ages 0-18. Although there are schools on the ranch, the education is very poor. However the ranch has the orphans grow all of their own food, and also gives the orphans opportunities to learn specified skills so that when they turn 18, they are capable of taking care of themselves. In Honduras, there are only three full-sized hospitals total. Because of this, Caden and his father were able to perform miracles at this ranch. “Even though it was a humanitarian project that my husband and son went to do, they both came away with so much more than they both thought possible. Helping there, helped them” Sheila said happily.

Caden is passionate about HOSA, a club at Pine View High School that students who are planning on pursuing the medical field after high school can join. Caden is currently the HOSA Education Chair Officer which will be helpful in helping him prepare for his career in medicine. Becoming an officer in HOSA is one of Caden’s greatest accomplishments and one of which he is very proud.

Caden thoroughly enjoys listening to music. Although he took guitar and piano lessons when he was younger, he quickly learned that playing music was not for him; however, listening to others play music is something he truly enjoys. Before each swim meet, Caden has found it relaxing to listen to music to calm his nerves. One of his favorite songs is Lose Yourself by Eminem. “I also like to say a prayer, because it just helps me to feel calmer,” Caden mentioned. “When we do our relay’s, which if 4 of us taking a turn to compete together, we also say a prayer together, which just gets us off to a good start.”

Caden has very little free time, but when he can he enjoys hiking camping, waterskiing, snow skiing, reading, and mountain biking with his family. The 2nd son of 5 boys, Caden looks forward to being with his family. Caden loves having his family attend his meets and support him. “My family are my biggest fans,” Caden said.

Caden has proven over and over that having long term goals will pay off. As a 4th grader who set his goals on becoming a swimmer, he has succeeded beyond his expectations. We wish Caden the best of luck his senior year and in all of his future endeavors. • HSSI