Gifted Determination “Bo” Jacksonesque

It all has to start somewhere for everyone. For the Dixie Flyer’s running back and strong safety, Tré Miller, that start came in the East Coast playing Pop Warner Football in the second grade. Tré was born in St George, Utah, and continued to live in the area until his 5th birthday when his family moved to Philadelphia, PA. A short time later, they moved across the river to New Jersey. “It was scary playing for the first time,” Tré recalls. “I was a center for my first two years. I hated playing that position but knew I loved playing. I prefer running the football.”

Dixie High Class of 2016 Football & Track 3.6GPA

With his father, Eric, who loves the game (and is a big Walter Payton fan), his mother, Hollie, and two younger sisters, Payton and Dani, Tré knows he has built in fans that he can look to and hopes to make proud. “His sisters love to watch him play,“ said Hollie.

Collegiate offers do not pour in for just any athlete. Even for some that are born with natural talent, letters of interest are not guaranteed to fill the mailbox. One thing is for certain though, those athletes who refuse to take anything for granted and work to improve each day are the athletes who get looked at from colleges. Knowing this, Tré works and works. “I get up at 6am in the morning so that I can hit the gym at the school for weigh training at 7 am. When we get out of school, we have film at 4 pm then practice from 5-8 pm. So basically, during the season, I’ll be away from home from 7 am in the morning to about 9 pm at night.”

2014 Season End Statistics
6’1” • 215lbs  –  14 Games Played  –  2,232 Total Yards  –  1,515 Rushing Yards  –  431 Receiving Yards  –  9 Yards per carry Avg.  –  22 Touchdowns

Tré runs the 40-yard dash, a standard test for quickness, in 4.5 seconds. “I’m hoping to reach 4.4sec this year.” This Dixie Flyer can certainly fly. The top ten fastest pro NFL athletes in history run the 40-yard dash in 4.31 seconds or less, so it’s no wonder that collegiate offers continue to roll in for Tré Miller.

With a schedule so full, Tré finds that it is essential to get his homework done in-between the final bell and film. If necessary though, he will work through lunch and study hall to make certain he doesn’t let his grades slip. When he is dealing with an away game, Tré does not hesitate to visit with his instructors first to get his assignments ahead of time. “When that happens, I will work to get it done that Saturday, so I am not late getting it turned in.”

With the hopes of becoming a pediatrician in the future, Tré looks to take as many medical classes as he can. “I really like science, and I’m taking medical classes when I can because I’d like to go into the medical field someday to become a PA or pediatrician. I like working with little kids and making them laugh,” says Tré. “It makes me feel good.”

Tré does have a favorite teacher, and one can quickly understand why. The district happens to have a substitute instructor he is partial to, his grandfather, Douglas Miller. Even though he has a grandfather teaching, Tré gets no special treatment, unless one counts the stories he tells about his grandson. Tré shares, “He always tells the other football players in the other schools about when I was little; that I used to ride naked on his lawnmower across his yard. He tells that one a lot. Yeah, he makes fun of me sometimes.”

The Quarterfinal game last season against Stansbury, proved to be a challenge for Dixie. Recounts Tré, “At the end of half-time, we were down by three touchdowns. Right out of half-time, Stansbury scored again, leaving the score 42-14.” Stansbury had accumulated 200+ rushing yards in the first half, but Dixie dug deep and faced the challenge head on. “We scored before the end of the third to close the gap.” After a few missed plays and turnovers by the Stallions, Tré and the rest of the Dixie Flyers looked to take the lead. “We came out with a big win. We knew it wasn’t over. We closed it out and won the game 49-42.” Dixie’s impressive efforts foreshadowed how they would continue to perform throughout the tournament, going on to win the State Championship.

Tré counts the Stansbury game as his “most memorable game for sure.” About his team’s storybook comeback against the Stallions, Tré says, “We did good. It was a good game.” His mother, Hollie, helps to shed some light and reveals more on her son’s contribution, noting that Tré scored the last three touchdowns to help win the game. Finishing with 153 yards on 11 carries and with three touchdowns, Tré still answers, “We did good,” giving credit to his whole team for working hard.

Tré states that his most difficult moment was losing against Hurricane in the regular season. “They beat us by four touchdowns,” says Tré. “Our starting quarterback was out. Our offense couldn’t do anything. They were running all over us on defense.” 

5X Offensive & 2X Overall
Player of the Game
2014 State Champion

Hurricane became a turning point for the Flyers. “Our coach brought us together and told us that we needed to stop playing as individuals and play as a team,” says Miller. As they won every game after their loss to Hurricane, the coaching staff helped these boys build unity. “After our loss, we went as a team to watch a former teammate play against SUU.  Then after that we started, after each game, to camp out and sleep on the field,” recalls Tré. “During lunch at school, we would all eat lunch together in Coach’s room.” Team unity was crucial in successfully building the Flyers.

Tré has patterned his game after the former American football and baseball player, Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson. “Bo” Jackson would either outrun you or run you over. After watching clips of game film and highlights of Tré, you know this young man knows how to aggressively play the game. Point out the similarity in playing style to Tré, and one hears back, “Call me “Bo” Jackson Jr.”

Outside of football, one might catch Tré watching episodes of the History or Discovery Channels. Hollie shares a funny story of when her son’s teammates learned of Tré’s “secret.” She recalls, “It was funny because one night his friends came by the house late at night to scare him, and they peeked through his window and happened to see into his room, and he was just watching the History Channel. So his teammates would always tease him about it.”

Ask Tré about the History Channel and he says, “I just like learning about stuff that happened in the past. History is definitely my easiest subject in school.”

With his interest in history, it’s not surprising that many car rides include what his mother refers to as the “did you know…” conversations.

“Did you know that the shortest War ever fought was in 1896 between Zanzibr and England. Zanzibar surrended after 38 minutes.“

Hoping to serve an LDS Mission for his faith, Tré would like to be called to serve in Jamaica. Knowing he will be putting a great many college offers on hold to represent his faith, Tré hopes that his friends and those that know him remember what kind of person he strives to be. “I hope they remember me and that they remember I was nice to everyone. That I worked hard and that I was fun to be around.” 

Tré lives his life by his favorite passage of scripture, Luke 1:37, which reads: “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Tré Miller has certainly set a fine example of a man that many can look to as a role model. • HSSI