For the Love of the Game

Pine View’s own Hattie Erekson, spends an extraordinary amount of time practicing tennis, hoping to positively represent her school, team, and family. After a full day of school, Hattie heads to practice with her coaches. Following practice, she goes home and spends a few hours on homework before going to a second training session with her personal coach. “I love the sport, because it makes me happy. It’s like my hobby and I think it’s a lot of fun.” Hattie says, “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it.”

Pine View High Class of 2017 Tennis 3.9GPA

As one of two State Champions for Tennis in the family, and with two years of high school play still ahead of her, Hattie has done her best to represent her family, and Pine View High School to the best of her ability.

It is important to note that Hattie’s commitment to athletics is equally matched to her commitment towards academics. She explains, “I know I want to play tennis in college, so my goal is to get all of my math done in high school. I think it’s smart to get it out of the way now so that it’s a lot less stressful and easier on me in college.”

Hattie’s schooling is impressive considering that she excels in more than just honors mathematics. “Last year I took Physics, and being the only sophomore in the class, it was a bit intimidating, which was hard. But I really enjoyed the class! So, Chemistry should be easy after taking Physics.”

“Hattie is an amazing teammate. It was a pleasure to play with her my junior and senior year. Hattie never comes to practice content with her game and is always striving to get better every practice. Besides her incredible determination to achieve her goals, she keeps a sense of humor and makes practice a stress free environment. That is why I believe she will be a good leader this next year. She is an easy person to look up to not only as an athlete but as a person and teammate.” – Lacey Hancock

With professional aspirations to become an elementary school teacher, Hattie shares her love for children. “I just love them, and teaching them, and helping them learn. I get to teach a lot of the little kids in the neighborhood how to play tennis too. They ask me every summer if I can help them with tennis, and I just love teaching and being around them.”

Hattie’s tennis instruction is not only focused on eager neighborhood kids. “I get to teach tennis at the Summit Athletic Club where I work. So I am playing, competing, and teaching all the time, and I just really love everything about the game.”

As a member of a tennis family, Hattie began playing at the early age of six years old, and was regularly playing in tournaments by the age of ten. “We all play tennis. Sometimes we play each other, which is a lot of fun too.” Renee, Hattie’s mother, shares how glad she is that she has such a close relationship with her children. Renee says, “Tennis for us is family time. We enjoy our time together and it is a lot of fun.”

Hattie explains her feelings playing against her older sister. “We are very competitive. Playing on the same team was really nice. It was really fun to have her there with me last year.” In a unique situation, Hattie found herself competing against her sister last season for one of the three singles spots on the high school Varsity team. “It was not fun. I am competitive as it is, but playing against my sister, the level just went up like ten times, just because it was my sister. But after it’s all over, I still love her and it’s nice to play with her on the team.”

State Champion  –  2 Time Region Champion  –  Athlete & Student of the Month 

Hattie played number three in the singles on the Varsity squad for the Panthers. Thinking back on competing during State, Hattie says, “The final match, being so close, was a bit nerve wrecking. My sister was on the court next to me and she had just won State. I was watching her win and thought to myself, I have to win state too.” Hattie’s win would mean a State Championship for her as an individual player, and a State Championship for the Panthers as well. In this last match of the State Tournament, Erekson was able to pull off the win for herself and her team. “It was a really intense moment, having my team cheer me on after every point. Very intense.”

What impresses Renee so much about her daughter? “It’s the fact that she can handle all of it. She handles the pressure really well. It was great when we were all playing at the same level, and now that she can kick my butt, it makes me even happier for her. That and the fact that all of my children are doing great academically means a lot. We are proud of them all, win or lose.” • HSSI