Discipline & Intent

If you have not been fortunate enough to meet Jesse Barraclough, you are missing out on a great young man. You can’t help but love this guy!

Hurricane High Class of 2016 Cross Country & Track 3.9GPA

The second oldest of six, Jesse knows he has a responsibility to help out where he can at home. With his older brother Jacob, currently serving in the Navy, Jesse’s mother, Kristy considers her son, “the man of the house. He helps me tremendously.”

Though English is counted as his best subject, Jesse seeks to take a different path that relates to his professional goals. “I love anatomy and physiology, but I want to be a radiologist. I’ve always wanted to go into the medical field, first thinking I would become a general physician. I then moved on to cardiology, or even becoming a surgeon.” However, after speaking with his aunt, who gave her nephew advice as an attorney, Jesse settled on radiology. He explains, “When I looked deeper into it, I realized it would be something I love.”

“State was so awesome! The crowds, the atmosphere, it was incredible!”

“I love Cross Country. It is much more mental than people realize. The terrain is always different. It’s very challenging.” During Jesse’s freshman year, he struggled to break a time of 19 minutes. “I just could not do it. I didn’t seem to have the faith in myself at the time.” Luckily, Jesse is the type of athlete who refuses to allow himself to stay down. “I decided after Track season that year that I would start training and get better. Every day after that I worked my butt off.” Fast forward through the summer to Jesse’s first meet as a sophomore against Cedar. “I dropped two minutes in my time, and ran a 17 something; and finished my sophomore year running 16:30 as my personal best.”

While Jesse is first a Cross Country runner for Hurricane and will always represent the Tigers, he loves the social aspect of the sport, feeling as if he is a member of one large team. “I feel like I know everyone in Cross Country across the region. All of the distance runners seem to know each other and we are all friends. Even though we compete against each other we cheer one another on. It’s like one big team.”

State opened up a whole new set of experiences and emotions for Jesse. “State was so awesome! The crowds, the atmosphere, it was incredible! When you notice you are with the best kids in the state it’s a little overwhelming at first, but you soon realize, we all worked for this. It’s a powerful feeling.” Having attended and watched her son at State, Kristy shares, “As a mom it’s very hard to watch. I just want him to be happy with himself and how he performs. I get nervous for that. I want him to do well, and I want him to be happy with how he does.”

Amazingly, Cross Country and Track only make up half of Jesse. Walk up to the Barraclough home, and you will hear the beautiful sounds and melodies of Jesse on the piano. He also serves as a percussionist for his high school band. With his involvement in both sports and music as extracurricular activities, Jesse has set a busy and demanding schedule for himself. He first wakes at 5:00 am for Cross Country practice, putting in the work before dawn. Afterward, he rushes home and hurries to be ready for an hour long Jazz Band practice at 7:00 am. Then following a full day of school, Jesse takes on his second Cross Country practice of the day, lasting up to two and a half hours. Jesse then concludes his day with homework, music practice, and time spent with his family.

Jesse’s been playing the piano since before 5th grade. Jesse originally learned to play by ear and eventually, through learning percussion in band and his own personal study, he learned how to read and write his own music. Music is definitely one of Jesse’s greatest passions.

A fascinating part of Jesse is his personally designed health regimen, displaying his commitment and self-discipline. He only indulges in something sweet on his allotted “Treat Days” throughout the year. How many “Treat Days” does Jesse have? Only four! “I want to be the best I can be so I challenge myself and push beyond my limits in all I do.”

On top of all of that, Jesse will be the Seminary President for his final year in High School, making it evident that this young man has been blessed with an incredible amount of energy! As a convert to the LDS faith, Jesse has decided that he wants to serve an LDS mission, and knows the rigorous schedule he works through each day will, “prepare me greatly for all the hard work I hope to accomplish on my mission and beyond that in life.” 

Jesse Barraclough is highly motivated, and has personal goals that are very impressive. He certainly represents Hurricane High School, his community, and his family exceptionally well, and will continue to do so beyond his senior year. • HSSI