Confidence & Humility

Successful student-athletes must master the balancing act between school and sports. Supportive teachers and coaches make the process simpler. At Desert Hills, and all Region 9 schools, student-athletes have instructors and coaches that truly want the very best for their students. “I’m thankful I have really great teachers. When I know that I will be missing school for a game, I will go in early in the week to visit with them, and they are all so great to work with.” Madi continues, “Our Coach, Shaley Allen, is great at reminding us to visit with our teachers early so we can stay on top of our grades.”

Desert Hills Class of 2016 Soccer & Track 3.5GPA

The bond between player and coach is a delicate one, and requires both parties to make an effort at a good relationship. Coaches must determine where the line is for pushing players to exceed limits. Madi says, “Kyle Paisley was a coach of mine during club ball and taught me a lot. He was more than a coach, because he not only taught us how to play but was always there for us as players. Something that I loved about him was that he taught us about good sportsmanship on and off the field. I see the same thing with my coaches at DHHS as well. They are all awesome coaches.” With a large amount of experience with past coaches and mentors, Madi is already looking forward to her time, after verbally committing to DSU, with Coach Kacey Bingham. “I have not worked with her yet, but I am super excited. She is awesome.”

Lettered in Varsity 3Xs  – National Junior Honor Society  – Player of the Year

Running is something that Madi truly loves to do for fun, but when she runs, she is most definitely still competing. “When I run I am a competitor. I’ve done several half marathons and am planning on running a marathon this year with my sister and a couple of her friends. I love team relays and stuff like that and I’ve run the Midnight 5K multiple times and taken first. It’s a lot of fun for me.” Her competitive spirit first took root when Madi won her first 5K race, at the young age of 12-years-old.

During her freshman year, Madi had the opportunity to play soccer with her sister Brittany, who was a senior at the time. The sisters played together on the Varsity squad during a rival game against Dixie. At one point during the match, Madi found herself taking a corner kick, and it would be her sister who had the head shot for the score. “It was super awesome to play with my sister and have my sister score. Those moments playing with her were huge. In any game I got to play with her, we worked so well together.” Brittany has proven to be Madi’s greatest role model, both on and off the field. Says Madi, “She is a big inspiration to me. She’s been there through any difficult time and has really helped me a lot. I just love her and she is so fun to be around.”

“I am competitive all around, and I always try to be better than my last performance.”

Sophomore year however, came with a challenge. With a short five minutes remaining in a team practice, Madi had an accident. Going for the ball, Madi unintentionally kicked the foot of a fellow teammate. With the kick she tripped and fell, causing her collarbone to break. “Having an injury is so frustrating because you watch your team and you can’t contribute. You just want to be out there playing with them.”

Thankfully, Madi’s strong spirit led to her recovery. She continues to strive to play at her full potential. “I would say that I am competitive all around, and always try to be better than my last performance. I am fine if someone has more skill or talent than I do, but if I use that as an excuse to not play at the potential I know I am capable of, it can be frustrating.”

Coming up on her senior year at Desert Hills, Madi has high hopes and expectations. “This is the year. In my Freshman year I was just getting used to the whole high school experience, and  then a broken collar bone as a Sophomore, and my Junior year with it’s own challenges, this last year will be exciting. This is the year to get it done.” And Madi is fully aware that accomplishing the highest goals will be a team effort. “The girls we have this year, the chemistry is so amazing. We have such a high level of respect for each other. We feel this is the year for us to take State.” With a strong support group of coaches, teachers, friends, and teammates, it is easy to see why Madi can feel as confident as she does, and still remain humble through it all. • HSSI