Attributes Of A Champion

Discipline, dedication, sacrifice, hard work, accountability, responsibility, and service are words that senior wrestler Brady Jones tries to live by believing that these attributes will not only make him a better wrestler but also a better person. After all, life is not just about winning; it’s about becoming the best person one can be.

Desert Hills Class of 2017 Wrestling 3.9GPA

Brady’s mom, Tiffany Jones, explains that “he’s very well rounded. He doesn’t just wrestle. He gets really good grades. He works hard at being a good person. I’m most impressed by his very genuine nature. He’s very aware of other people and has a great moral character.”

Many of these attributes were instilled in Brady as a kid growing up on his family’s ranch in Leeds where he helped with chores, which included milking, branding, and herding cattle, moving hay bales, welding, and training colts. He also helps in his community by cleaning up people’s yards, mending fences, etc. He loves life in Leeds because the atmosphere is very small town. Everybody knows everybody, which he admits can be great and can be bad at the same time, but overall, growing up in Leeds has been “awesome.”

He started wrestling in 5th or 6th grade because his brother wrestled in high school. He continues wrestling because he loves it. “It’s really competitive. I love the competitive atmosphere, and that it’s an individual sport. If you lose, it’s on you. If you win, it’s on you. And your efforts are shown. However hard you work is how successful you will be.”

One of Brady’s favorite quotes also explains his attitude. “Work hard in silence and let success make the noise.” This hard work includes getting up to condition before school, a grueling 2-3 hour wrestling practice after school, then going home to run, practice roping, or train colts for his dad. Wrestling coach, Brian Pace, has this to say. “Brady is a good, solid, hard worker who is willing to face any challenge that comes his way. He is continually trying to improve and get better.”

Last year, Brady and fellow teammate Liam Williams both weighed in at 152. For duals, Brady wrestled up a weight to 160, but a team can take 2 wrestlers for each weight to both the region and state tournaments. Brady and Liam were placed in opposite brackets at 152 and ended up wrestling for first and second place at the state tournament although neither were seeded that high (Brady was actually seeded 5th). Coach Pace explains, “I was excited to see Brady in the finals. He made some great improvement throughout the year, and it was neat to watch him beat kids that he lost to earlier in the year.” Although Brady lost to Liam taking 2nd, just getting to the finals was an amazing experience.

When looking back on his junior year, Brady remembers taking 2nd place a lot. His goal this year? First place all the way! Another one of Brady’s favorite quotes helps in this matter. “Anyone can work hard when they feel good, but champions work hard when they don’t.” Brady insists, “It’s a good motivator for me. Early in the morning when I don’t feel like getting up or late in the evening when I’m tired, I think about that quote, and it gets me moving because that’s my goal. I want to be a state champion this year, individually and as a team.”

In order to improve, Brady started a new routine during the off season. He worked out three to five days a week, sometimes as many as 6 times a week. The workouts, many of which are coached by Gerard Habibian at the Frank Habibian Wrestling and Athletic Center at Dixie College, vary from sparring with fellow teammate Liam Williams to technique drills, crossfit, strength training, sprints, stadium stairs, and working with the Bulgarian bag. Brady even ran the marathon in 3 hours and 52 minutes without any long distance training. He was super sore for three days (he had to walk down the stair backwards), but he accomplished it!

Dedication to the wrestling team is very important to Brady. “When you are on a team, everybody is looking towards you whether you are just on the team or a captain. I want to be a good example to everyone else.” Brady hopes that his teammates will remember that he worked even when things got hard and that he was dedicated to the team. Fellow teammate Peyton Pace had this to say. “When I think of Brady Jones, I think of a guy with a really positive attitude who doesn’t give up. Also, that he is always looking to get better and encouraging his teammates to do the same.”

As for mentors, Brady says that Coach Pace is at the top of his list. “He’s helped me a lot. He’s really motivating, and I can just tell that he believes in me. Coach Pace always says, ‘You can do whatever you want to do if you believe in yourself and work hard. If you come with the right attitude, you can get anything done.”’ This helped motivate Brady a lot last year. “I knew that my coach was always behind me no matter what. I knew that if I trusted my coach and did what he told me, it would probably work out better for me. It always did!”

Also at the top of his list is his family. “I love my parents and my family. They support me so much, and I couldn’t do it without them.” In fact, Brady’s mom, Tiffany, explains, “He will never leave the house without telling all of his family members that he loves them. He will always give me a hug and a kiss and is never embarrassed to show his love for his family.”

Along with wrestling, Brady is a member of the Desert Hills Rodeo Club. He qualified for state finals this year, which are in June. To qualify, one must place in the top 10 out of 80-140 roping teams. Brady and his partner got third at the last rodeo, solidifying their place at state. Rodeo season goes most of the year, but it has a three month break from the end of November and picks up back in February, which works out perfectly for wrestling.

After high school, this Eagle Scout, who prays before every match, wants to go on a mission for the LDS church. On returning, he’ll go to a University where he will study to be an entrepreneur or a vet.

No matter what the future brings, Tiffany Jones, believes that wrestling has been a positive experience for her son. “His room is plastered with quotes about perseverance and hard work and never giving up. I think that was something that was brought on by his wrestling experience. He’s always been a hard worker, but wrestling has given him a new drive and focus that filters into all the other elements of his life.” This drive will no doubt allow Brady to accomplish anything he sets his mind to, including a state championship victory! • HSSI