Always A Warrior

When you first see the Warrior’s Left Tackle, Wyatt Brinkerhoff you immediately notice his size. The young man has a commanding presence and can be quite intimidating. However, once you finally get to know Brinks, you quickly find that the young man is more than that. He is full of life, fun, if you close your eyes and listen, he does a mean Christopher Walken, I mean seriously, it’s nuts how good he is.

Snow Canyon Class of 2017 Football & Rugby 3.72GPA

Wyatt “goes by several aliases” he states, however the most commonly known is ‘Brinks’. As a Warrior, he bleeds green, gold and blue. As a football player, his size is extremely important and valuable. As a student, his desire to learn and push himself academically is admirable. As a young man, his love for his family, his friends and his faith is praiseworthy.

With the hopes to become and LDS Seminary Instructor, Wyatt understands that the opportunity to do so, while worthwhile, will be difficult to attain. Shares, Brinks, “It is really a slim chance because so many want to do that and there are only so many sports, but it would be awesome. I just love my religion and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.” Yet like any great tackle that studies all the angles, doing so in his personal life outside of sports and in the pursuit of a career it’s no different. “If that doesn’t work out though, because I know it will be tough, I would also like to be an athletic trainer as well.”

Referring to the Brinkerhoff’s as the ‘Tight 4’, Wyatt introduces his family this way. His older sister ‘Kass’ and he are exactly 6 ½ years apart. His mom Rhonda “Who goes by Mamma Brinks at school” is a lovely 23 year old and his father, John, is his ageless Super Hero. “We are a very small family,” he says, “but we are tight, especially during tough times.”

Sharing a few sensitive moments where the Brinkerhoff has had to pull together during difficult times Wyatt displays a maturity level that far exceeds his years. Enduring trials large and small tends to do that to a person. How one handles such events says much about the individual and those closest to him, in his case, Wyatt knows what he knows, and has learned much “You never really know when a storm is going to come,” he states. “I have always hoped for the best, yet prepared for the worst. I’m thankful for the difficult times because it has taught us patience, how important and strong the family can be, forever.”

The love Brinkerhoff has for his family is not limited to his at home but extends to his family of brothers on the field as well. “I love my brothers, we are a brotherhood. I love being a Warrior.”

“You never really know when a storm is going to come. I have always hoped for the best, yet prepared for the worst. I’m thankful for the difficult times because it has taught us patience, how important and strong the family can be, forever.“

Appreciative of his time on the field and what he has earned from his coaches, this Warrior knows his last year is going to be a memorable one. “Football, like our coaches say, is something that, if you let it, will each you how to become great men. The points on the scoreboard will come, but what we want to do first is give our best every play, to be the best team, to out hit, out work and out play the other team on the field.”

Success begins first with understanding the end from the beginning. If you know the outcome you are after, put in the necessary work to get there, it is who you become in the process, whether goals are reached or not, that is most important. Brinks, is grateful to be lead buy his coaches who help paint that vision. “The thing about coach Esplin is he wants us to have a championship mindset, to play like a champion in everything we do and when adversity comes you have to know how to react. I really like and respect that.”

With that championship mindset one play stands out for Wyatt more than any other his entire high school football career thus far. “Quarterfinals, Desert Hills, Thunder field, under the lights. That week we told ourselves, ‘It stops now.’ Those were the most exciting practices leading up to that game.”

And it all came down to one play.

“We gave it our all,” Wyatt remembers. “I get chills just thinking about it. You really had to be there, something you can’t describe. Four months of work, hundreds of hours of practice, came down to 3min of playing time. The pressure was there and we were ready.”

Describing what Wyatt regards as a movie moment, the Brinkerhoff’s relive the moment once more and Mamma Brinks shared her emotions watching her son compete. “When Jackson threw that pass and Tyson caught it. I mean Jackson had plenty of time because the O line had him in their care. It was great to know that Wyatt was a part of that, to finally put an end to the streak of Snow Canyon not ever winning to Desert Hills, that my kid was a part of that, on their field, it was amazing.”

When those moments of glory come, those exciting moments that you know you will always remember as an athlete, they are priceless. Yet the most priceless for Rhonda, “His integrity and hard work, that is what I love most. He will always put in extra work to improve himself and it doesn’t matter if it is his musical talents, sports, his academics or his spiritualty. He wants to be his best.”

Wyatt is a Warrior. Nothing will ever take that away from him. It’s really that simple. He has been all his life, since birth, quite literally. “When he was born the doctors couldn’t get him to breath,” shares John. “He was struggling for the first 10-15min of his life. He wanted to live, this kid has been a fighter all his life and when he knows what he wants he will fight for it. That will always impress me about him.”

Serving an LDS Mission is a given for Brinks and having been a life long dream, “ever since he could hold a ball,” says mom, he hopes BYU football is in his future once he returns. One thing that has put all things into perspective for young Brinkerhoff is found in the Book of Psalms 23:4 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;” Knowing that we all face our own Goliaths in life, and taking strength in the faith of David as he faced his giant, Wyatt knows he can and will face all of his, like the Warrior he was born to be. • HSSI