Achiever Among Achievers

Strategic in his approach to his final year donning the black and gold, Desert Hills senior and golfer Kammeron Plant took what some might consider the easy way out. Dropping most of the difficult courses with hopes to “enjoy my final year of high school,” Plant stacked his academic deck in advance during his junior year.

Desert Hills Class of 2017 Golf 3.89GPA

“At the rate I was going I would have ended up half way through my degree. As a junior my schedule was brutal,” Kammeron remembers. “I was putting in three to four hours of homework every night with honors classes and college classes. I feel like it’s time to enjoy high school a little bit.”

With full support from his parents, Jim and Kammee, Kammeron feels confident in his decision to ease off and enjoy life as a teenager just a while longer. “We know what he can do grade wise. He has taken hard classes and has always taken things serious with his grades,” says Jim. “Physics, AP classes, he was doing so much and we trust him to make the right decision for himself. He had to make a decision on college or to serve a [LDS] mission right out of high school. We know he will make the right decision for himself.”

Deciding to serve his LDS faith right out of school them concentrate on his academics upon returning, Kammeron’s plans include a professional career in the field of Chiropractics. Looking to those around him who are in his profession of choice Kammeron is quick to point out those things that he considers benefits that have aided his decision. “We have a good family friend who is a chiropractor and I have seen how he helps people, the schedule he keeps. I think it’s awesome to only work Monday through Thursday and to even work from 8 am – 4 pm. That leaves so much time to spend with your family. I want to have my own family and I want to be able to spend as much time with them as I can.”

An admitted “Momma’s Boy” the young senior has not decided where he will attend college. He would love to attend college on scholarship but recognizes the challenge of attending school away from home. “I’ve thought about DSU or SUU because it might be hard to be so far from home. But, who knows? Maybe it will not be so bad to get out in the real world.”

Playing golf at the young age of 7 ½ Kammeron has learned over the years to appreciate the pressure the game puts on an athlete. Taking full responsibility for the outcome of his performance, he recognizes that “being the only one out there on the green, you don’t have to worry if teammates pass you the ball, you just worry about how you play.”

The sense of individualism that comes from playing a sport where you cannot rely on fellow teammates to bail you out of a difficult situation is self evident to any observer. When on the green, it is you, the ball, and the hole. How you handle each stroke, respond to your competition and ultimately finish your round is entirely up to you. “I like the individual part of the game,” Kammeron states. “Yes we have a team, and there is an overall team score when we compete, but I have to be the one that gets through my round. It’s a lot of pressure, but I love it.”

With the confidence and drive to achieve Kammeron took no short cuts this past offseason. “I practice a lot,” he recounts. “Every morning during the summer I was on the course at 7am. What I would do is either shoot nine holes then practice for a few hours after or shoot eighteen holes and then practice chipping or putting for another half hour. I would say I have hit the ball several thousands of times throughout the summer.”

“The crazy thing,” expresses Jim, “we didn’t have to wake him and tell him to get up and go. He has always been motivated.”

“I like the individual part of the game. Yes we have a team, and there is an overall team score when we compete, but I have to be the one that gets through my round. It’s a lot of pressure, but I love it.“

“There are plenty of good golfers in Region 9,” Kammeron admits. “I don’t want to just sit back. I want to perform and be scoring well where all the good players are.” What makes this mindset possible for Kammeron is the confidence he has built in his swing. Crediting Coach Denos for helping him remain calm and having a good time while playing Plant especially enjoys those moments when he can look back on a shot and be proud. “I love being able to say to myself, hey that was a good shot.”

Like any loving parent, you hope the best for your children. Every parent wants to see their children become the best they can, hoping that they recognizes the potential you see in them. For Jim and Kammee it is no different. “I see him and am so proud of him. Not only in sports, but scholastically, spiritually, physically, mentally, I really feel like his is a great kid,” says Jim. “He is every dad’s dream kid.”

What is quite interesting about Kammeron is that he has a love and desire to exceed his own expectations. He knows where he wants to be as a golfer so he puts in countless hours working to improve his game. He understands what he wants in a family, so he sets a career path that will allow him what he believes to be the best opportunity to spend a significant amount of time with them. In playing a sport that is largely an individual’s game where the spotlight and attention is natural, he strives to achieve but seeks to avoid attention.

When so many are lost in the discovery process, Kammeron is steps ahead. The young man knows who he is. “I am a son of God. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that through Him I will always have the strength to push forward.” Quickly reciting his favorite verse of scripture, Alma 26:12, Kammeron’s sincere belief and trust in his LDS faith is counted as no small thing in helping him become the man he wants to be.

Kammeron wants to achieve great things, both in sports and in life. He equally wants to see others do the very same. This puts him in a class so few find themselves in. Proud of whom her son has become, Kammee, with more than a hint of emotion, briefly shares what has most impressed her. “He is a great kid and he can be counted on for anything no matter what it is.”

With an incredibly kind heart and a desire to see others do well, Kammeron takes how others do personal. “Well, like when I am playing in tournaments,” he says, “when I see a kid that is not having his best day, I kind of feel like its my job to say, ‘Come on. Next hole will be better. Don’t give up on yourself.’ I don’t want to see other people struggle or not perform to their full potential. I hate seeing people get down on themselves and not believing in their abilities. Everyone is capable of doing great things.”

Kammeron Plant is truly an achiever among achievers. • HSSI