Friday, June 23, 2017


Confidence & Humility

Successful student-athletes must master the balancing act between school and sports. Supportive teachers and coaches make the process simpler. At Desert Hills, and all...

Be Kind & Always Have Fun

All athletes can be separated into two categories. The first group consists of those who think and hope they are capable of winning; the...

Living With No Regrets

Snow Canyon’s, Mishayla Fausett began competing at the early age of 10. Being the youngest participant at the time, running her first marathon, Mishayla...


Nothing Is Ever Given

Maturity Through Adversity

Beautiful Humility

Always Be Ready

Play Hard, Laugh Loud

Life Skills Through Golf

It’s All About the Team

Be Kind & Always Have Fun

Finding My Balance

I Truly Feel Blessed


Strength & Plyometrics

Healthy Snacking From Home

The Vertical Jump